Posted by: storywriter45 | February 27, 2015


I have titled this blog post, A CALL TO PRAYER, because I feel it is time for all Christians to take a look at what is going on around them and so to become aware of the circumstances so many of our fellow Christians in other nations are finding themselves in. The torture and murder of Christians is a reality that is not being taken seriously by many in our country including our president.

Praying for peace and God’s intervention is essential in these times. Note though, that prayer has always been an important part of true Christian life. I’m not talking about the go to church once or twice a week kind of prayer. Earnest, personal communication with our Lord on a daily basis will enrich your life in amazing ways and will help bring you God’s peace.

You can choose to say prayers from a written source, but, say them earnestly, being careful not to turn praying into mindless chanting. I find it best just to talk to God as though I were having a conversation. I like to finish with the prayer Jesus gave us,” The Our Father”

What should you pray about? Pray about your concerns, your family and friends, peace, guidance, or anything that matters to you. What I am suggesting is that all Christians, in addition to their daily prayers, pray for peace and an end of the torture of innocent people due to the intolerance of religious beliefs.

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