Posted by: storywriter45 | October 5, 2014

The Rituals Of Autumn

Creatures of habit and tradition, we headed for the cider mill. It was a beautiful autumn day and a great beginning to the fall season. The leaves, now beautiful hues of reds and golds, fell gently to the ground and the smell of cider and donuts filled the air. Children were running through the crowds and dogs were patiently following their owners as they sniffed at all the new smells.

I used to favor summer as the best season. The sun, the lake, and the sandy beach were my favorite places to be. But, that was before I really began to appreciate the qualities and the traditions of all the seasons. So, I welcomed the day and the day’s event to a new segment of the year in a joyous and festive manor. Even the screaming of a three-year-old trying to break free from his parent’s hand wasn’t going to spoil it. Actually it just added to the ambiance of the family atmosphere and the fun and excitement of children playing, climbing on tractors, and pushing their way through the crowds.

Fresh cider and donuts still warm from the pan brought back memories of childhood and travels to the cider mill with my mother. Nothing from the store would taste as sweet. I sat on the bench with my treats watching the smiles of everyone walking by and finding their place in line. It didn’t matter how long the line was. It was definitely worth the wait.

It was a perfect day, not to hot, or too cold. It was cool enough and breezy enough to wear a sweater. The best part of the weather, it was too cold and breezy for the bees.  We weren’t bothered once. I am still surprised that the bag of donuts made it all the way home with three kids in the car. I can’t wait for the next fall tradition…pumpkin hunting. I hope we can get all the grand-children to go!

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