Posted by: storywriter45 | July 2, 2014

Front Porch Memories

The cool morning breeze gently caresses my face as I sit on the front porch admiring the colorful landscapes of summer. It is here, on this porch, where I gave birth to many dreams. Some came true, some did not.
Now I sit on this porch and memories are stirred of children growing up in this yard, family pets that have come and gone, neighbors that have moved in or out.
My fondest memories on this porch are watching my children walk down to the school bus, come home from school, playing in the yard, and the very fun water fights that often started with a squirt gun.
I usually instigated in squirt gun fight.
Once, in the dead of winter, I opened the front door and squirted my then teenage son and his friends. They were quite shocked when I ran after them in my bare feet right across the ice. They were so stunned that I actually was able to give them quite a soaking.
Now, I sit here and see my youngest grand son playing on this porch with all the wonder and zeal of a three-year old. He is in for a surprise this summer as I have decided it’s time to introduce him to the squirt gun fight!


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