Posted by: storywriter45 | February 5, 2014

Is Candy Crush Really That Important?


     I was sitting in the surgical waiting room while my grandson was having surgery on his hand. Luckily, I brought a crochet project with me. It’s works like an anti-anxiety medication for me when I am required to sit still somewhere for too long a time. There I was, working the stitches minding my own business when an adorable little girl with large brown eyes and long light brown hair plopped down next to me. She had an irresistible smile that I found charming.  After setting down an armful of bags and totes, her mother sat down next to her.  Well she comes well prepared, I thought to myself and returned to my project. The little waiting room was filling up fast. How many of these things do they schedule at one time anyway.

     A little while later, I looked up from my project to see the little girl tugging on her mother’s arm. But, Mom was to intent doing something on her phone. Perhaps she was texting or face booking I thought. Well, whichever one, she definitely found it more important than her daughter. “Mommy,” the little girl tried to get her attention again. This Gracious Grandma was about to put her two cents in when the little girl tipped her bowl of pickles all over herself and one of the totes. You could smell pickle all through the waiting room. Well, Mom jumped up at this time to take care of it.

      It really tries my patience when I see a parent too busy texting or playing a game on their smart phone to pay attention to their child’s needs. Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love smart phones and have one myself. However, I have no trouble restraining myself from using it when my grand children need me or when I am driving, etc. 

      It seems that young parents these days do have the same compassion for a child that we or our parents had. I see a child crossing her legs waiting to go to the bathroom and Mom or Dad simply makes her wait. Really, make the game wait…it won’t wet its pants

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