Posted by: storywriter45 | December 31, 2013

It’s Easy To Be Gracious During Christmas

     The holidays were approaching and all the decorations were dragged out of storage and placed in various places throughout the house. I didn’t even mind the kaos as I reveled in expectations of the coming Christmas season.

     Baking Christmas cookies has been a tradition in our home since my first grandchildren passed their toddler years. They helped to roll the dough and cut out the cookies as well as decorating them. Such joy it brought to spend this time with them. We were creating memories I hoped would long outlast any store bought gift they might receive.

     As I was sorting through the totes of lights and garland I came across the aprons and bibs I had made throughout the years just for our cookie making endeavors. They were made with joy from Christmas fabric for each grandchild. Melancholy began to set in as I held them in my hands and caressed them on my cheeks. A couple of tears managed to excape. Tears of joyful memories.

     My youngest grandson, Jackson hasn’t make cookies yet. I have hopes of him doing that next year. Of course, I will have to make him a new apron and iIt will have to be suitable for a boy like the ones I made previously. I have been blessed to have my grandchildren around me for the holidays…even the ones  dothatn’t live with me. This gracious grandma is feeling blessed and thankful as the holiday season unfolds. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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