Posted by: storywriter45 | May 18, 2011

Well, it’s not off to the porch with my laptop yet. This rain is driving me crazy. I am craving the warmth of a summer’s day surrounding my being and uplifting my mood. Enough of the doldrums!!! So, I’ll sit at the table with my cup of coffee and revisit Ariel at the Inn where I left her.

Ariel finished her lunch and sat quietly watching the other patrons. She couldn’t help but notice that most everyone there seemed to be paired off into couples. Why am I having so much trouble finding the right person for me, she asked herself. She thought about her past relationships and how they were doomed. Must be me, she mumbled.

“What was that,” Tony asked. “I didn’t hear you.”

“Oh, I was just thinking out loud,” Ariel answered. “Sorry I am such bad company. I just have so much on my mind.”

“Are you sure you wouldn’t like to talk about it?” Tony asked her. “Sometimes it helps and I don’t mind being the sounding board.”

“Thank you for being so kind, Tony. But, I’m not ready to talk about it. It’s kind of hard to explain, but, I am not quite sure what is really going on.”

“Well, that sounds intriguing,” Tony said. “Here, take my card in case you change your mind. I would be glad to listen or perhaps help you sort out what’s going on.”

“Thank you,” Ariel said and took the card. “I think I will take a ride and try to relax.” She drove down the road past her cottage. She slowed down, but, didn’t stop. Nothing looked amiss, but, Ariel was still frightened. I wish John would get here she said to herself. Even though he could be a little difficult, John had a way of helping Ariel see the reality in a situation. She remembered the time she thought Cheryl, a bully from school, was following her home. It turned out that Cheryl had a crush on John and was following him around like a puppy. John had a good laugh about that one. She began to wonder, am I being just as silly about what is happening now? It was obviously not the first time she had acted a little paranoid. Well, I’m not taking any chances she said to herself. I’ll just wait till John gets here to prove me right or wrong and headed back to the little Inn.


  1. Yea!!! So glad to see you back and writing again!!! I’ve been waiting patiently!!

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