Posted by: storywriter45 | November 3, 2010


     Writing a novel at home with a large family can be challenging.  Someone wants to know where something is, someone wants a ride, someone wants to talk about their day, someone needs dinner, and someone is arguing.  However, much of my inspiration is born from the same place.  Extended family can prove to be very interesting. We have three generations living in our home.  The personalities are very different in some ways, and too much alike in other ways.  One of my son’s boys is just like him.  Creative though, he can be annoying.  I can’t help but chuckle at his antics, especially when they are directed towards my son.

We left Ariel heading to lunch at the Inn by the water.

     Ariel walked into the little café, amazed to see that it was packed.

     “Do you have a reservation?” the greeter asked her.

     “No, I’m afraid I don’t,” Ariel answered.

     “I’m sorry, Miss. There will be about a forty minute wait.”

      “Hello again,” the gentleman from the outside said to Ariel.  “Are you sure you won’t join me for lunch?  I have a table reserved. I promise I won’t intrude on your thoughts.”

      “That would be wonderful,” Ariel answered.  “I mean to share a table. I am starved.  My name is Ariel.” She reached out her hand to the stranger.

     “That would be fine,” the man said and shook her hand.  “I am” he paused and smiled at her, “Tony”

     “Nice to meet you,” Ariel said.

     “This way to your table,” the greeter said and grabbed a couple of menus.

     “So are you a local or a tourist,” Tony asked. “You don’t look familiar.”

     “Well, I just moved here a couple of months ago,” Ariel replied.  “I haven’t been getting out much. I came here to start a new life and to get my painting back on track.”

     “Well, you came to the perfect place for that,” Tony said.

     “The perfect place for painting, or, starting a new life?”

     “Both,” Tony responded. “This is a beautiful island. The weather is perfect.”

     “How long have you lived here, Tony?” she asked. “That is if you do live here, or, are you visiting?”

     “I moved here about ten years ago,” Tony said.  “I sued to vacation here, but I loved it so much. I still travel over to the main land for business.  It is less frequent now then it used to be.  I mean with cell phones and the internet making everything so convenient.”

     “Hey Bill,” a man gestured to Tony. “How have you been?”

     Tony waved back at him and quickly turned around.

    “Bill, I thought your name was Tony,” Ariel exclaimed.  Why would you lie about your name?”

    “I didn’t lie,” Tony said.  Bill is  just a nick name given to me in my college days.  Wow, are you ok. There is no need for you to jump on me like that.”

     “I’m sorry, Tony.  I have been through some scary things lately. It’s hard for me to trust anyone right now. I’m sorry if I offended you.”

     “No problem,” Tony said.  He leaned back into his chair and watched her carefully. “Just what is going on?” he asked.  “That is if you don’t mind talking about it.”

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