Posted by: storywriter45 | October 27, 2010


     A cup of coffee, no, make that a glass of coke.  I’m feeling a little queasy this morning.  Too much going on, I guess.  My published children’s book should arrive any day.  But, back to the writing on hand.

     Ariel walked slowly down the sidewalk, trying to become interested in  the fashions in the windows of the shops she passed by.  She just couldn’t stop thinking about all  the things that happened.  First, Mark shows up at her door all  the way from state side after she had broken up with him.  Then, Joe shows up. Even though Joe is her brothers friend, Ariel didn’t really know him that well.  Then things start happening around the house.  The back door was unlocked even though she knew it was locked. Someone had run past her front window. And now somethings in her room had been moved.

     I wish John were here, Ariel said to herself. But, she knew that if he had come, he would brush her suspicions off telling her she was just being silly.

     “That would still be better than being left alone,” she said out loud.

     “Excuse me,” said a woman who was passing by.

     “Oh nothing,” Ariel answered.  “I was just thinking out loud.”

     Ariel changed direction and headed over to the police station. She hesitated at the door. What can I really tell them, she thought. They will think I am silly too. After all, I don’t have any proof of anything. Oh, maybe I am being ridiculous.  I think I will head home for some lunch and work on my landscapes.

     Just as Ariel pulled up the gravel drive to her little cottage, she saw someone running away from her property.  Oh no, that’s it, she said to herself.  I am out of here.  She drove herself  to the little Inn across town. No one would know she where she was. Once Ariel was in the room, she decided to call John and let him know what was going on.  After all, someone should know where she was.  He wasn’t at home, so she left him a message. John had a new cell phone number, but, she couldn’t remember it.

     Ariel found herself dozing on the couch. The sound of the waves just a short distance away lulled her into a deep sleep.

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