Posted by: storywriter45 | April 1, 2010


   It’s off to the porch with a cup of coffee and the laptop.  This is the time of year I come alive, reaching for t he sun like the flowers that gently reach upwards to soak up the light and the warmth.  I find it harder to concentrate at the beginning of Spring.  I just want to enjoy the sounds, sights, and smells of the season.  But, professionally I know I must begin my day by writing something.  I wonder; does Facebook count?  LOL.  Well back to our story.

Joe finished his swim and walked up the path back to Ariel.  He watched her, carefully and purposely lay her brush strokes on the painting. 

“That’s beautiful,” he finally broke the silence.

“Oh! You startled me.  Back from your swim already?”

“Already!  It’s after two o’clock…and I am starving.  But, you go ahead and keep painting.  I’ll just help myself.”

“That’s ok,” Ariel said.  “I am ready for a break.”

They set their lunch out and settled down on the picnic blanket to eat.

“A glass of wine?”  Joe raised  the bottle to fill her glass with the beautiful red liquid that glistened in the bright sunlight.  He couldn’t help notice Ariel checking him out again.  She was watching his every move.  Well, it is about time she noticed Joe said to him self.  Then, he smiled back at her.

Ariel’s cheeks blushed and she looked out toward the ocean to avoid looking into his eyes.  What’s the matter with me, she asked herself.  This is my brother’s friend and my friend.  That’s all. 

“Hey, Ariel.  Where are you?”

She turned back and looked at him.  She was so nervous that he would see t he blush on her cheeks.

“What are you embarrassed about?” he asked her.  “You can watch me anytime.  In fact, I rather enjoyed it.”

Ariel’s cheeks turned from the gentle blush of pink to a deep red.  “I wasn’t looking at you that way,” she said, her voice trembling.

“Oh yes you were,” Joe said, an amused grin on his face.  He was enjoying her discomfort.  He couldn’t help it.  Joe had a crush on Ariel for a long time, but, she was never free whenever he was around.  He sat his glass down and ran his fingers through her long hair all the way through the tips and then resting it on her shoulder.  “No need to feel embarrassed,” he finally said.  I have had feelings for you for a long time.”

Ariel looked shocked.  “What, what are you talking about?  How come you never said anything?”

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