Posted by: storywriter45 | March 24, 2010


Well it’s off to the table with a cup of coffee and  the laptop and another beautiful zeal filled day!  Hmmm, that’s a little wordy.  Sometimes the words flow like waves rushing at the shore, sometimes like the gentle flow of a small spring, and sometimes you just plain have to work for them.  This is one of those days.  The words are there, but, the flow isn’t.  I just have to work through it.

     Ariel turned her attention to her paints and searched for inspiration.  I have  to stop thinking about him, she said to herself.  This is crazy.  I guess I am just a little lonely because of my break up with Mark.  Then she spotted it.  A beautiful flower raising up through rocks bending toward the sun.  It was a beautiful bold color of red with white around the edges.  She began her sketch.

     Joe was enjoying his swim, maneuvering through the waves in and above the water.  When he swam, there was nothing else on his mind.  He enjoyed it thoroughly.  Time stood still for him until he could feel the sunburn on his skin.  Often, the sunburn would be quite severe before he noticed it.

     Back at Ariel’s house, Mark was skulking around, peeping through windows.  He hoped to find one unlocked, but was unsuccessful.  He finally managed to manipulate the lock on the screen porch in the back.  And what luck to find the back door unlocked.  He slipped into the house and removed his shoes just in case of any dirt.  It wouldn’t be smart to leave evidence that he was here.  It’s not that he was doing anything wrong.  I just want to know what’s going on he said to himself.  I don’t trust this Joe guy.  I saw the way he was looking at Ariel.  Creep!  Well, it’s not going to be that easy for him.

     Mark continued his search, but, found nothing that would help.  He had hoped that Ariel had written down a phone number or hotel where Joe was staying.  He knew Joe wasn’t staying here because he had been watching Ariel day and night.  Mark went back out the way he came in.   He wasn’t able to lock the screen porch door from the outside.  He left it and went back to his hotel room to search some more on his computer.  Perhaps he could find something about Joe if he looked up Ariel’s brother.  There’s got to be something about Joe somewhere he thought.       ..

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