Posted by: storywriter45 | March 19, 2010

She Kept Watching Him Anyway

     Off to the table with a cup of coffee, a laptop, and some top dollar inspiration…

It’s so beautiful out, but, not quite warm enough to write out on the porch yet.  The daffodils and tulips are easing up through the soil as if to test the temperature of the air as  they seek out the sun that will raise them to the glory of Spring.  Daffodils are such beautiful, delicate flowers standing against the cold like a young woman reaching for her future.

     We left Ariel waiting on the front porch for Joe with picnic and paints ready to go.

     “Hey Ariel,” Joe yelled out. 

      She smiled up at him and his big toothy grin and large blue eyes.  What’s this, she thought.  Are my knees feeling weak.  He never had this effect on me before.

     “I see you are ready.  Let me help you with that stuff.  Do you have a place in mind for your painting?”

     “Oh yes, just down the road a little.  We can walk”

     Joe hesitated for a moment as Ariel started down the walk way.  She turned around to catch him watching her as he always did.

     “Well, come on.  There is a better view up the road.”

     “I doubt it,” he answered.  “I think this is the best view.” 

     He smiled at her again and picked up the picnic basket and easel.  It was a lovely walk, rows of flowers mixed in rock and pebble gardens, and the ocean waves gently lapping at the shore.  Ariel felt as ease for the first time since Mark showed up at her door.  She was watching Joe now as they slowly walked down to the shore.  He had a muscular frame, not like  body builder, but masculine and pleasing to look at.  Six feet, she thought as she scan the length of him.  Yeah, six feet.

     “So what are you looking at?”  Joe was pleased to see her checking him out.  He liked the blush that came to her cheek when he caught her watching.

     “Oh, … nothing.  I was just admiring how you keep yourself in such good shape.”

     “Is that right?”  He stopped and gazed at her, the blaring sun emphasizing the high lights in her long straight hair. 

     “Well, here we are,” Ariel was finally able to speak.  “Let’s put the blanket right here.  The ground is pretty level here for my easel.

Do you want to go for a swim while I get set up?  Then we can have a little lunch.”

     “Sounds great.  I’ll be back in a few.”

     Ariel watched him head for the water, dazed as if she never really seen him before this day.  Well, she never noticed him quite like this before.  She found herself memorizing every movement he made. He walked with the strength of a bear and the grace of a leopard.  What am I doing, she thought.  I am not going to fall for him.  There is no time for romance.  Besides, we have known each other for a long time.  After all, we are like sister and brother.

     But, she kept watching him anyway.


  1. I love the way you paint pictures with your words!!
    Lovin’ it!!!

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