Posted by: storywriter45 | March 12, 2010

Noises and Things

     Off to the table with a cup of coffee and the laptop.  Soon, it will be off to the porch with a cup of coffee and the laptop.  I am getting more enthusiastic than ever with my writing.  Too many ideas, though, can take up so much time.  It’s better to filter out the important do firsts and file the rest away for another day.  I just want more hours of writing time.  It’s like an addiction for me.  When I am  too sleepy to write, it is back to my second addiction, reading.  I am so blessed to have the time to do both!

     Well, I have Joe back at Ariel’s house with is wide toothy grin and dark hair and so on and so on….

     “John won’t be coming in today,” Ariel said as she squinted her eyes and looked him square in the face searching for some type of expression in response. But, there was nothing.  Not even a flinch. 

     “Oh, why not?  I was looking forward to seeing him,” Joe smiled and noticed her intent stare.  “What?  Is something wrong?”

     “What makes you ask if something is wrong?”  A sense of alarm was creeping through her body.  Did he know something about John’s apartment? 

     “It is the way you are staring at me,” he answered her.  “What’s up kiddo?  You look like you are worried about something.”

     “Well, anyway, John won’t be coming in for at least a couple of days.”  I probably shouldn’t have told him that, Ariel thought.  I don’t want anyone to know I am alone.  Oh, what am I thinking.  This is Joe, John’s buddy.  She smiled at herself and got up off the chair.

     “Well, that’s better,” Joe said.  “Love to see you smile.  But, what’s going on?  You really seemed concerned about something.”

     “It’s just that I made all these plans for us and now I am disappointed.  So, are you up for another picnic lunch on the beach?  Only for a little while, though.  I really should get back to work.”

      “Yeah that sounds great.  But, why don’t you bring your paints along.  I can get in a little swimming and a little tanning while you are painting.”

     “Are you sure you don’t mind if I paint?  John and Mark don’t like me  to paint when they are around.”

     “Not at all.  Like I said, bring them with you.”

     “Joe, do you think you could come back in about an hour?  I still have a couple of things that I want to finish around here.  I promise, it won’t take long.”

     “No problem, Kiddo.  I’ll meet you back here in an hour.”

      Ariel headed off to the kitchen to finish putting the picnic lunch together.  She did a little cleaning and then headed off to the bedroom to change and then gather her paints.  She was feeling much better now.  It was probably a good thing that Joe was here seeing that Mark was still hanging around.

    Ariel was startled by a bang on her window.  She ran over to look out, but, couldn’t see anything.  This is all I need, she thought.  I can’t afford to let my imagination run away with me.  She closed the curtains and headed off to the porch to wait for Joe.  Just as she stepped onto the porch, she heard something running in the yard.  It sounded like it was just around  the corner.  She summoned her courage and walked around to see what was there.  She laughed out loud as a cat ran out in front of her and down to the road.  This is ridiculous she said to herself and headed back to the porch.

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