Posted by: storywriter45 | March 11, 2010

Alone With Joe Again

     So to the  table with a cup of coffee and the laptop.  It’s almost nice enough to sit on the porch with coffee and laptop.  I long for summer like an old man longs for his youth.  It comes and goes so quickly that I am sure to fill it with the richness of enjoying every moment, even the hard ones.                                                  

     Ariel closed the door and started scanning the room to make sure everything was perfect for her brother’s arrival.  He is such a fuss budget, she thought.  She was sure that he could see a spec of dust from across the room.  The loud ring of her cell phone jarred Ariel from her thoughts.  “Hello, John, is that you?”

     “Of course it’s me.  Don’t you recognize my cell number?  I am still in California.  I’ve been delayed because of what happened.  You wouldn’t believe it.  I came home last night from Paris and found my place ransacked.  It’s so strange.  Nothing was stolen.  It is as though someone just went through everything like they were looking for something in particular.”

     “How awful.  What did the police say?  Do they have any ideas?”

     “They can’t tell anything right off, but they started an investigation.  I am not sure when I will be coming.  I am going to wait for the investigation before I come out.”

      “Oh God, John.  Be careful.”

     “Well, of course,” John sounded annoyed.  “I am having  a new security installed tomorrow.”

     Ariel sensed his aggravation.  He always acted irritated at her for something she said or didn’t say.  She just shrugged her shoulders, sat down in her large wicker chair and stared out her window at the rolling waves in the ocean.  “Well, I guess I better let you go.  You have a lot  to do.  John, did you know…oh nevermind.”

     “Did I know what”

     “Well, did you know Joe was coming here.  He showed up at my door with no warning.”

     “That guy is such a goof.  I haven’t heard from him in a couple of months.”

      “That’s odd.  He said he just spoke to you.”

      “Well, he is just a goof.  Just tell him to kiss off if he is getting on your nerves.  I am going to have to hang up now, the inspector is here.”

     “Ok, I will see you later.”  Ariel set her phone on the end table, disappointed and relieved at the same time.  She loved her brother and missed him.  But, he could be quite a challenge.  He was so demanding.  Somehow, he always managed to make her feel inferior.

     “Ariel,” a voice yelled out.  “Are you home?” 

     “Joe, stop banging on the door.  What are you doing here?”

     “I just came by to see if John is here yet.”  Joe walked in, a large grin revealing bright white teeth, and sat down on the sofa across from her.  “Well, you are looking great,” he said as he looked her over from top to bottom.  “The place looks great too.  Did you do all this for me.”

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