Posted by: storywriter45 | February 26, 2010


     A cup of coffee, the lap top and it is off to the table.  Hmm, let’s see.  Ariel hmm where to go from here.  Sometimes, it is a little difficult to take a character from one chapter to he next.  When I get to this point,all I want to do is find something else that needs my immediate attention.  Anything. 

     But, the professional thing to do is sit right here and work this out.  You have to have commit a certain amount of time everyday and stick with it.

     Well, here goes.  Ariel…

     Once Joe left, Ariel was able  to start cleaning and preparing for her brother’s arrival.  She started in the kitchen, wiping down all the counters and the appliances.  The granite counters were a gorgeous natural color of beige and browns.  They complemented the new maple cabinetry beautifully.  She admired the kitchen so, even though she didn’t use it much.  But, now with John coming that would change.  He always preferred home cooking.

     I wonder why I  try to please my brother so much she thought.  I make myself crazy cleaning and cooking when he is around.  He is so fussy.  It’s really his own problem she said to herself as she carefully cleaned the bathroom without missing any detail.

     Ariel stood in the bathroom looking at herself in the mirror.  I look so ragged she said to her self.  I think I will shower before  heading for  the market.  She reached in the linen closet for her favorite six-foot blue bath towel, a shower scrunchie, and her salon shampoo. 

      The shower was so invigorating, but, there was so much more to do.  Ariel finally got out and reached for her towel.  She dried and combed her long hair and put in back in a clip.  She indiscriminately reached for one of her sundresses and finished dressing.

     Joe, finally settle in to his hotel room, sat on the sofa and grabbed his book.  He found himself staring out the window and thinking about Ariel.  He wondered how she never noticed that he was attracted to her all these years.  Her face is exquisite he thought.  She moves with the grace of a butterfly.  Well with the grace of a butterfly when she wasn’t in high gear pursuing some chore or something.  Oh, but when she was painting her movements were delicate and sensuous.  He loved watching her paint when Ariel was unaware. 

     Joe began thinking about their afternoon on the beach and wondering why she didn’t ask him to stay at her house.  Certainly, she had plenty of room.  She must know that he wasn’t a threat to her.  They have known each other for years and even resided in the same house with her family that year he had his accident.  Well, maybe when John gets here, Ariel will ask me he said to himself.

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