Posted by: storywriter45 | February 25, 2010

Strong Arms Around Her Waist

     Well, it isn’t exactly morning, but, it’s off to  the table with a cup of coffee and the lap top.  Some days are so filled with detail.  It takes real commitment and persistence to find time to write every day.  There is always something going on or someone needs your attention.  Sometimes, you just have to take the time you need.  Let’s see.  I left Ariel on  the beach with Joe.

     “I guess I should pack up and get back home,” Ariel finally spoke up.  My brother is do in tomorrow and I would like to have everything ready for him.”

     “You guys are sure close.  I mean, not all brothers and sisters get along so well.”

     “Yes, and I am thankful for that.  Well, I guess that’s everything.  Which hotel are you staying at?

     “I haven’t checked into one yet.  I was hoping you could suggest one.”  Joe looked at her, watching for a reaction.  Surely she has room for me at her place too, he thought. 

     Ariel couldn’t hide her discomfort from him.  “Oh , well, uh, Joe I didn’t expect you.  I am afraid I don’t have anything ready for another guest.  I hope you understand.  You know,  there is a great hotel around the corner.  You will be walking distance to the beach and the rates are very reasonable.”

     “Don’t sweat it, Sweetie,” he said to her.  “I don’t mind booking a room.”  He grinned at her nervousness and then reached for some of the picnic items.  “At least, let me help you carry these home.”

     “Of course.  I appreciate it.”  Ariel found herself  looking at him from head to toe with different eyes.   This could be bad she thought, finding myself attracted to him after knowing him all these years.

      He smiled at her, sensing her discomfort as they walked back up to her house.  She walked up on the large porch and opened the doorwall.

     “Come on in,” She said.  “You can set that stuff on  the counter.”  She pulled her long hair back into a clip, rubbed her hands together, and looked around trying to decide where to start.

     “I’m sorry, Joe.  But, I really do have a lot to do.  I would like to get started.  I am sorry if I seem rude.”

     “Not at all.  Are you sure you wouldn’t like me to stay and help?  I have a pair of strong arms here with nothing to do.”

     “Oh, no thank you, Joe.  I really appreciate the offer though.”  She couldn’t help thinking about those strong arms and how they would feel wrapped around her waist.  “I really just want to get started.  I will call you at the hotel tomorrow when John arrives.  Did he know that you were coming?”

     “Actually, I didn’t tell him that I would be here.  I haven’t talked to him for a couple of months.”

     “You’re kidding.  That’s got to be a first for you two.  Anyway, I will call tomorrow when he gets in.”

     “Ok then.  I guess I will see you tomorrow.”

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