Posted by: storywriter45 | February 23, 2010

Who is This Man?

     Ok, off to the table with a cup of coffee and the laptop.  Tapping the keys, but, not really pressing them is not helping me create.  When I have trouble getting started, I retreat to a quiet room, lay my head back, close my eyes and picture Lake Huron.  I feel the raft gently rolling on the waves as it soothes the tensions and transports me to another time.  The sun is warm, but, not burning on my face.  The sounds around me dissipate and I am alone in this  place.  It is here that I am most restful and most creative.  After about fifteen minutes to half an hour, its back to the table with a fresh cup of coffee and the laptop.  If I stayed any longer, I would just be wasting time.

     “Where would you like to eat, Ariel?” 

     “What would you think about picking up a picnic lunch and sitting by the ocean?  It really is my favorite place to eat.”

     “Sounds great to me.”

     Ariel and Joe spread out a blanket on the sand and set out their lunch.  Joe watched Ariel as she carefully removed her food wrappers and set everything out with great precision. 

     “Hey, why are you looking at me like that.  How am I supposed to eat?”

     “I was just enjoying watching you prepare your lunch setting,’ Joe said.  “Do you put that much thought into everything you do.

     Ariel looked down at her lunch.  “I guess it is a bit artistic, Isn’t it?”

     Joe couldn’t help staring at her long thin figure with delicate curves.  He admired the way she carried herself.  Every movement was like a choreographed dance.

     “Joe,” Ariel interrupted his thoughts.  “Why are you staring at me? ”

      “I am just memorizing everything about you.  You know you are beautiful, so easy to look at.”

      “Where is this coming from?”  Ariel had known Joe for years, but  he never reacted this way to her before.  She looked into his eyes hoping for some kind of clue about what was going on in his head.

     He just smiled and kept watching her.  She had long elegant fingers with perfectly manicured nails.  He liked the way her blouse dipped down just low enough to show a little cleavage and came in at the waist showing off her curves.

     “Hey!  Joe!”  Ariel was feeling uncomfortable with him staring at her in that fashion.  She could feel her cheeks begin to blush.

“Joe.  Aren’t you going to eat your lunch? ”

     “Sure,” he answered.  He picked up his sandwich, still hosting a grin.  He couldn’t help himself.  He was enamoured with her.  He always found her attractive and was surprised that she never noticed.

     Ariel turned her attention to the ocean and was admiring the sound of the large waves crashing in at the shore line.  “Isn’t this the most beautiful place you have ever seen?  I don’t think I will ever leave here.”

     “Isn’t that what you said about the mountains in Colorado and Lake Huron in Michigan?  Yes, as a matter of fact, it is exactly what you said.  You said that it was so beautiful that you would never leave.”

     “Well, you know what I mean.”  Ariel looked a little closer at Joe, sitting there grinning at her.  She always knew he was an attractive man, but never  seriously thought about him in a romantic way.  He sat there in his jeans and white shirt looking very pleasing.  And the grin just made him more appealing.  Don’t be ridiculous she thought. 



  1. gettin’ good!! I’m really enjoying this!!

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