Posted by: storywriter45 | February 17, 2010

Ariel and Mark

     To think I use to look forward to sleeping in late in the mornings.  How foolish!  I love noticing the quiet of  the morning as I contemplate my day.  If it were summer, I would have sat on the porch this morning and watched the world wake up.  But, I like it to be at least 60 degrees before I take my coffee and my lap top and head  to the porch.    And, Max, my dog, loves to sit out there with me.  He sits quietly as I pound away on my keys letting inspiration fill my soul. 

But, the winter has its own virtues.  The silence of  a cold, crisp morning brings an inspiration of its own.  Well, it’s afternoon now and I am off to the table with my lap top and a cup of coffee.  Let’s see, I left Ariel…

     Mark left in a huff, not sure what to do next.  For a while, he just stood, starring out at the ocean in disbelief.  What went wrong he said to himself.  I came here to ask her to marry me and she throws me out of the house.  I wonder if this Joe is really Chris’s friend.  He walked over to the rental car and got in.  It took him a few minutes before he convince himself to drive off, back to the hotel.

     “Ariel,” Joe said.  “Are you hungry?  Let’s go out and get some lunch and we can catch up.”

     “Sure,” Ariel said.  She reached for her bag and smiled.  Joe is such a good looking man with those blue eyes and his coal black hair she thought.  No wonder Mark is jealous.  But Ariel never had any romantic notions about Joe.  He was just a family friend.  But, he was a good friend.

    “What are you smiling at?” Joe asked her as they went out the door. “You look as though you know a secret.  Are you keeping something from me?”

     “What are you talking about, Joe?  I am feeling wonderful in this paradise.  I walk out my door and see the ocean.  I absolutely love the sound of the waves.  I will never tire of it.  And, the flowers here are gorgeous, so colorful.  There is a lot to smile about.  I am painting again.”

     “Who is this Mark fella?”  Joe looked closely at Ariel”s face hoping to read any emotion she might show when answering.  “Are you guys a couple?  Did I walk into a lover’s spat?  I hate to think I may have interrupted.”

     “Oh no, Joe.  Mark and I are over.  I broke up with him back in Michigan, but, he followed me here.  I certainly didn’t invite him.”

     “You can tell he is crazy about you.  He couldn’t take his eyes off you.  What are you going to do about him being here?”

     “I haven’t figured that out yet.  He just got here a few minutes before you did.”

      “I guess I am the hero of the day, then.””


  1. Looking forward to tomorrow!!!!!!!
    I’m lovin’ it!!

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