Posted by: storywriter45 | February 16, 2010

     Grandchildren give you so much.  They renew your life again with a breath of spring. 

Well, today I received something else.  I woke up with a cold.  Believe me, with five grandchildren around it is suprising that I didn’t catch one before now.  It is a little bit irritation trying to write between sneezes.  Oh, now where is that tiss.ue. 

It truly is real live experience that fuels great fiction.  Sometimes it is the every day occurences and sometimes it is someone else’s life that stirs your imagination.  In the case of Ariel and Mark,  it is just pure imagination.  Well, maybe with a little longing for the sun and ocean that lives in Ariel’s back yard.  So, back to our story to find out who the stranger is.

     “Stop it, Mark.  It’s just Joe, my brother’s friend from college.”

     “Just Joe? Is that all I am to you, Ariel.  Truly, I am heartbroken,” Joe said as he came into the living room.

      “Hey Joe, so great to see you!,”  Ariel jumped up and gave him a hug. ” I thought you wouldn’t be here till next week.”

     “Well I finished early, and I thought I would surprise you.  Looks like I did!”

     Mark stood up and got in Joe’s face.  “What do you think you are doing?  You just come to a girl’s house unannounced and say  you wanted to surprise her.  You can’t do that.”

    ” Whoa, buddy.  Down boy.  There is no malice here.  I heard Ariel tell you I am her brother’s friend.  We have known each other for years.  You are way out of line.”

     “Mark.  My name is Mark.  How do you figure I am out of line?  You have no right to just pop in on Ariel.  How do you know she wasn’t alone.  It’s a good thing that I am here.”

     Joe just stared into Mark’s eyes with disbelief.  He felt his spine start to stiffen.  He took a menacing step closer to Mark and started to speak.

     Ariel interrupted.  “Hey guys, this is ridiculous.  Mark, you are blowing this way out of proportion.  Joe has been a family friend for years.  I am so happy to see you Joe.  I’m glad you finished your project.”

     “Ariel,” Mark protested.  “Don’t you see what I mean?”  Mark walked toward her, trying to put his arm around her.  “Just listen to what I mean.  You know I just care about you.”

     “That’s just it, Mark.  You are way to protective.  You drive me crazy with your hovering and constant innuendo.  I want you to leave now.  I have had enough.”  Ariel place her hands on her slim hips and backed away from him.

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