Posted by: storywriter45 | February 12, 2010

Ariel and Mark and a Stranger Make Three

     Happily, it is off to the table with the lap top and cup of coffee.  Like so many of you, I can’t wait till spring.  A gentle warm breeze gently blowing through my hair causes it to tickle the side of my face.  The subtle fragrance of spring flowers as they reach for the sun is invigorating.  Just thinking about it makes we want to take the lap top and the cup of coffee to the porch, my favorite place to write.  But, one look at the snow and it is back to table!  And, of course, back to Ariel and Mark.

     “Ariel,” Mark’s voice intruded into her thoughts.  “What is wrong with you?  What are you thinking?  Yeah, sure, I came into your house and messed with your little rose.  Come on.  If I really wanted to mess with it, I would have just broken it.”

     “What are you talking about, Mark?  I didn’t say a word.”

     “You are acting weird,” Mark said.  “You know, most girls would be happy when their boyfriend flies half way around the world to say he loves you and wants to make up.  You are impossible.”

     “You know, Mark, it is a little scary when someone keeps trying to see you after you make it clear that it is over.  I can’t think of another way to say it.  I have tried to convince you for three months now, but, you keep coming around.  I think your behavior is bordering on stalking.”

     “Oh come on Ariel, we were together for two years.  I can’t believe you want to throw it all away.  We were happy, you know.  Of course I am not going to give up that easy.  You are just trying to dramatize this.  What is the matter?  Are you trying to get me to leave because some guy is coming over?”

     “Oh no,” Ariel’s voice sounded angry.  “The last thing I want right now is a relationship.  Especially considering the one I just got out of.”

      “What do you mean?  Why are you talking like that?  I love you with all my heart.  You are the one who was difficult.  Every time you don’t get your own way, you sulk.  If that doesn’t work you get angry.”

     Ariel, her hands on her hips, just stared at him.  She didn’t want to repeat the same old arguments.  “Mark,” she said.  “There is no point going on with this.  We say the same old things, yet, nothing changes.  It is just time to let it go.  We both deserve to be happy.  I just don’t think we can do it together.”

     Mark jumped up when he heard a loud knock on Ariel’s front door.

     “Anyone home?” a man’s voice called out.  “Ariel, are you here?”

     “No one else in the picture,” Mark shouted.  “At least you could be honest with me.  Who is this loser anyway?  You need to tell him to leave so we can finish our conservation.”

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