Posted by: storywriter45 | February 10, 2010

Snow Day

     Well all the children are home for a snow day.  I guess I better get some writing in before they get up.  Of course, I let them sleep in.  This means quiet time for me.  Now, back to our story.

     Ariel was startled at Mark’s touch.  She looked back to see who it was.  “Mark,!”

     “Are you suprised?”  Mark smiled down at her questioning eyes. 

     “Well a little,” she said.  I guess I half expected you to show up here.”

     “You sound as though you are irritated at seeing me,” mark said his full lips drooping to a frown.  “I just flew half way around the world to talk to you.”

      “Not irritated,” she answered.  I just don’t think you understand.  It’s not going to work between us.  I am happy here.  This is where I want to be.”

     Well, now I must stop writing to let the dog  out.  He keeps staring at me with big brown eyes, his tail wagging in anticipation.  He really is great company.  The only thing is he weights over 80 pounds, and, he stil thinks he’s a lap dog.  “Allright, Max.  Out you go.  All the way back to the pen now!”

     Ok, back to the writing.

     “Ariel, all I want to do is take you back home and make you happy.  We can live in paradise, in my cabin in Michigan.”

     Ariel looked up and him and shook her head.  Paradise, she thought.  I allready live in paradise.  Why would I want to leave here to go live in some dumpy little cabin in the woods.

       “What are you thinking?” Mark asked.

       “I’m thinking I need to make a recording of my voice telling you the same old thing over and over again.  I am not interested in moving to Michigan with you.  I love it her in Hawii.  This is where my life is.”

       “What do you mean, this is where your life is?”  Mark looked at her, his voice sounding strained. ” You are from Kentucky.  I could understand it l little more if you were wanting to stay in Kentucky.

        “This is where my new life is, Mark.  I love it here.  I want to paint every type of flower and greenery here.  I am so inspired.”

            Well there goes the moment.  The grand-children are barely up and they are arguing.  Some days I just want to be the Grandma.  I get tired of being the negotiator and disciplinarian.   I want to make cookies and cupcakes and play board games.  Oh, who am I kidding.  I can’t stay out of their lives.  They matter so much to me.  I find myself constantly asking them questions like who are t alking to on the phone, what movie are you watching, etc.  Oh, and they do get irritated at me.  Why are you so nosey they ask.  I just love you, that’s all I say.

             Well tomorrow on Ariel and Mark.


  1. Awesome! Can’t wait to read more

  2. I’m finding myself anxious to read your post everyday now!! You do have a gift with words!
    And I totally understand your role with your grandkids, I only have one but he lives with me and so you are grandma sometimes and part parent the other! But I love it too!!!

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