Posted by: storywriter45 | February 9, 2010

     Oh, the silence.  The children have been dropped at school and hubby is off to work.  It isn’t often that I  find such serenity in a houseful the size of mine.  What to do with this precious time, watch a good movie with a cup of coffee or tap into the muse and let the keyboard sing.  I have more words  to write than there is t ime to put them to paper. 

     With coffee in hand, I head to the table with my lap top.  It is a huge table, too big for the dining room really.  It sure looks empty with only me  sitting here.  Yet, I can still here the laughter of the older boys taunting their younger sister, Ravyn  She replies with a high pitch scream bringing on her father’s wrath loud and daunting.  But, it doesn’t seem to phase her.

     The words begin to pour out and take up residence on my laptop.  I am feeling that creative  joy and life is wonderful again.  I am taken to a lovely place of fiction and the world is mine.  I am standing in a tropical rain shower or swimming in an exotic pond with flora all around. A strange sound slices the silence of my made up world.  It’s the cell phone.

    ” Hello, Mrs. Neuman.  This is Ferndale Middle school.  Your granddaughter isn’t feeling well and she would like you to come and pick her up.”  Of course, it’s off I go to retrieve her. 

     I get her settled into her room and it’s back to the lap top.  Now was that a rain shower or a tropical pond?  No matter, the hero is about to enter to find the heroine in a quiet, complitating state.  He taps her gently on her shoulder underneath her long thick hair and whispers her name.  “Ariel”

     She jumps, startled by his sudden presence in her silent world.

    “Nana,”  Ravyn calls from the other room.  “I need something for my migraine.”

     Of course, I get up and get her some pain relievers and head back to lap top.  Let’s see.  The hero interrupts Ariel’s day dreaming and slides his hand around her thin waist, pulling her close so that he can maneuver her into position for a kiss.

     “Nana,”  Ravyn calls out.  And so it goes.  Interruptions are a part of every day life.  I welcome them.  It means that I am not alone and I thank God for that!


  1. It sounds like the complexities of your busy life keep you from really exploring all your finer skills. Keep at it you sure have a knack for expression and subtle irony.

    Love ya!!

  2. This one brought tears to my eyes.
    I love the last paragraph. So true, so true

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